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Mangoes -The Heavenly Fruit: Farm Fresh brought to you by Aaramos Exports

An Article on Mangoes:
Mango,One may call it -
Manja in Dutch
Mango in English and Spanish
Mangou, or Mangoro in Africa
Manga, Mangueira in Portuguese
Mangot, Mangue, Manguier in French
Aambe in Marathi
Keri or Aamba in Gujrati
Aam or Ambia in Hindi/Urdu

It is like saying mom in English, mère in French and Maa in Hindi. Most language has the same pronunciation and also the same meaning. Universal name-Universal meaning.
Mother is a symbol of love and Mango the symbol for majestic flavor.

A delight for the eyes and a treat for the taste buds, Mangoes are loved by children, young and old alike. May be, it does not require strong teeth to munch hence the popularity.

Mango is one of the most enjoyed tropical fruit known to man.
Mango commonly is yellow in color, the most attractive and noticeable color in the spectrum.You must have noticed that, all emergency vehicles and warning/caution sign are painted yellow for it can be seen very distinctly from a distant.
Thus the Meaning is simple and clear, Mother Nature in its own way wants you to signal you to notice it and eat mangoes for its health and nutritional benefits.

Mango is a fruit, available in over 1000 different varieties, consumed in every corner of the world. What makes mango so popular? Is it the look or the taste of the mango fruit or its nutrient value?

Let’s check out the nutrients in a mango.
An average mango weighs around 250 to 350 grams.
With 13 % of seed in weight and 25% in skin and peel, we have 62% left of flesh.
That would mean we have 150 grams of flesh in an average mango of weight 250 grams.

So an average mango weighing 250gms can approx. provide you with:
Calories - 93.15 – 95.55 kcal
Moisture -118.35 - 124.2 g
Protein - 0.54 - 0.6 g
Fat - 0.45 - 0.795 g
Carbohydrates - 24.3 - 25.77 g
Fiber -1.275 - 1.59 g
Ash- 0.51 - 0.78 g
Calcium -9.15 - 19.2 mg
Phosphorus -8.25 - 25.85 mg
Iron - 0.3 - 0.945 mg
Vitamin A(Beta Carotene)- 0.202 - 2.808 mg
Thiamine - 0.03 - 0.109 mg
Riboflavin(Vit.B2) - 0.035 - 0.102 mg
Niacin (Vit.B3) - 0.037 – 1.06 mg
Ascorbic Acid(Vit.C) -11.7 - 258 mg
Folate (Vit.B9)- 21 μg
Tryptophan - 4.5 - 9.0 mg
Methionine - 6.0 mg
Lysine - 48 - 55.5 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5)- 0.24 mg
Potassium- 234 mg
Zinc     0.06 mg
 (are approximate values only, consult your dietician for details)
Mango also contains 40 to 45 % of your daily fiber requirement. May also contains enzymes, vitamins and anti toxins. Mango helps fight ailments such as constipation, colon cancer, piles, cholesterol.

Great isn’t it, mango is a magnificent and wholesome fruit, perfectly earning itself the right to be on you table. It can help you supplement some of your recomended daily dietary intake.

This being a non-research site we shall not go into scientific, botanical, or any other details. We are sticking to a few basic details about mango and how you can enjoy this delicious fruit.

The shape, color, texture and taste of a mango fruit varies with geographical location. One thing that is common though, is the yellow color of its flesh,  no matter which variety you are eating.
Mango can be consumed fresh, dried, pickled, sweetened, squeezed, juiced, pureed and pulped.

Mango is native to India and is mentioned in many of the ancient literatures dating back to thousand of years. It is also mentioned in ayurveda. The mango fruit and its tree, was and is still, used extensively for medicinal and health benefits.

From the Indian subcontinent, the Mango plant has subsequently spread throughout the world by travelers, traders, monks and researchers.

Still some of the best mangoes come from the Indian sub-continent and it’s a fact few can deny.

Even though other countries have, through research, developed mango varieties which have a very good shelf life, are disease resistant and can withstand the transportation better, nothing beats the Indian Alphonso Mango.
Food Lovers who taste it once, love them so much, that they become die hard fans of these mangoes, specially those
coming from Ratnagiri and Devgad district of Maharashtra in the Indian sub-continent.

Competitors may point out many deficiencies in it, but can never come up with anything convincingly near, the irresistible heavenly taste and aroma of an Alphonso Mango - whose flavor lingers in your mouth for days, leaving your taste buds wanting more!  
You can Google and see for your self, individual blogs and reviews about Alphonso mango.

Some of the other mangoes from India are:  
Alampur Baneshan Mango
Alphonso Mango
Badami Mango
Bangalora Mango
Banganapally Mango
Bombay Yellow Mango
Chausa Mango
Dusehri Mango
Fazli Mango
Gulab Khas Mango
Langra Mango
Malda Mango
Mulgoa Mango
Neelum Mango
Pairi Mango
Rajapuri Mango
Rumani Mango
Safdar Pasand Mango
Safeda Lucknow Mango
Samarbehist Mango
Suvarnarekha Mango
Vanrajn Mango
Zardalu Mango

Other popular Mango varieties found in the world:
Bourbon Mango
Brooks Mango
Cacipura Mango
Cambodiana Mango
Carabao Mango
Carrie Mango
Cecil Mango
Davis-Haden Mango
Dixon Mango
Edward Mango
Extrema Mango
Fascell Mango
Florigon Mango
Goa-Alphonso Mango
Golek Mango
Haden Mango
Irwin Mango
Jacquelin Mango
Jubilee Mango
Julie Mango
Keitt Mango
Kensington Pride Mango
Kent  Mango
Lippens Mango
Mabroka Mango
Manila  Mango
'Manzanillo-Nunez Mango
Maya Mango
Mulgoba Mango
Nimrod Mango
Non-Plus-Ultra Mango
Pairi Mango
Palmer Mango
Pico Mango
Purple Irwin Mango
Red Irwin Mango
Roodborstje Mango
Saigon  Mango
Sam Ru Du Mango
Sandersha Mango
Sensation Mango
Singapore  Mango
Smith Mango
Spring-fels Mango
Sunset Mango
Tommy Atkins Mango
Tong dum Mango
Van Dyke Mango
White Langra Mango
Zill Mango
                     .....to be continued

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71st Republic Day of India 26th January 2021

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