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Processed Foods- Ready to Eat Meals - Ready Mix - Food Powders- Dry Fruits & Nuts:

Processed Food - Dry Fruits & Nuts   Ready to Eat Meals:
Almond   Beef Burgers
Apricot Kernel   Chana Masala
Button Mushroom   Chicken Biryani
Cashew Nuts   Chicken Burgers
Chestnuts   Chicken Cheese Fillets
Coconut   Chicken Fillets
Dates   Chicken Nuggets
Desiccated Coconut   Chicken Samosa
Dried apples   Chole Battura
Dried Cherries   Citrus Fibre Fruits
Dried Mangoes   Dehydrated Vegetables
Dried Mushroom   Dosa Instant Mix
Dried Peaches   Fruit bars
Dried Pear   Gobi Parathe
Dried Strawberries   Gulab Jamun Inst. Mix
Drum Dried Fruits   Idli Instant Mix
Drum Dried Vegetables   Jalebi Instant Mix
Edible Mushroom   Lachedar Aloo Parathe
Figs   Milk Masala
Freeze Dried Fruits   Mutton Biryani
Freeze Dried Vegetables   Mutton Burgers
Fresh Truffles   Mutton Kababs
Green Tea Extract   Mutton Kofta
Groundnut   Mutton Pulao
Groundnut Kernel   Mutton Samosa
Kiwi   Mutton Seekh
Medicinal Mushroom   Mutton Shahmi Kababs
Morels   Navratan Korma
Mushroom Drugs   Nuggets & Fillets
Peanut   Nutraceuticals
Pear Halves   Paneer Palak
Prunes   Parothas & Parathe
Raisin   Pav Bhaji
Sun Dried Fruits   Wheat Flour Parathe
Truffle   Sarsoon Ka Sag
Truffles Oil   South India Parotha
Walnut Kernels   Fruit Juice Powder
Walnuts   Vegetable Biryani
    Vegetable Burgers
    Vegetable Fat Powder
    Vegetable Pulao
    Vegetable Samosa
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